Custom Design Process
It all starts with you. A custom piece should reflect your imagination, your unique taste in jewelry and your inimitable personal style. An extensive consultation with James gets the creative juices flowing and is always a rewarding experience, so be prepared to talk about what you like – or loathe – and consider bringing along samples from magazine clippings or digital images. Occasionally, people even bring heirloom family jewelry to be repurposed and seamlessly integrated into the new design.

The Inspiration
James’ extraordinary skill lies in his ability is to listen patiently, perceptively and instinctively. It’s an intuitive talent honed from years of experience translating people’s abstract feelings and preferences into artistic jewelry. Conceptual inspiration, final designs and wax modelling are completed over the next few weeks. The overall design must carefully consider lifestyle and day-to day wear-ability, elegance, distinction, and the prestige of exclusive mastery.

The Finished Piece
Then, with your intimate collaboration and a close eye on detail, the finished piece is approved and will be completed in two to three weeks. Whether it is a ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet that has surpassed your expectations, its exotic perfection, clean finish and authentic expression of you, means it is an unforgettable piece that will last a lifetime.

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