The Mexican-born former owner, trainer, and breeder of superior Spanish dressage horses, Jaime (James) Enríquez first picked up jeweler’s tools to craft unique show spurs and immediately discovered a passion for artistic design.

Very soon jewelry was the obsession – horses were the hobby. He apprenticed for years under a Master Goldsmith in Mexico, learning the secrets of meticulous professional techniques and the intricacy and vision that can be brought to original jewelry. Eventually he bought into the goldsmith business, and also traveled north in the 1980s to learn English in the U.S. and visit Canada.

Memories of his visit to Canada never left him. Inspired and impressed by Calgary and the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, 20 years later James brought his wife and children back to live. Upon arrival he was chosen to work with respected Calgary designers, all the time his expert reputation for unique and original creations grew. James has opened his own studio in Calgary, and uses remarkable intuition, deep emotion and awe-inspiring skill to designs custom pieces for his valued clientele.

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